Double-crested Cormorant (70kb) Aligator (169kb) Tricolored Heron (130kb) Double-crested Cormorant (113kb) Double-crested Cormorant (42kb)
Double-crested Cormorant (27kb) Aligator (89kb) Green-backed Heron (148kb) Aligator, Double-crested Cormorant and a Wood Storck (115kb) Aligator (135kb)
Aligator (113kb) little fish (45kb) Great Egret (105kb) Aligator (186kb) Florida Gar (34kb)
Everglades (122kb) Everglades (40kb) Everglades (103kb) Alligators (193kb) Everglades (138kb)
Alligator (164kb) Anhinga (67kb) Alligator (161kb) Anhinga (63kb) Anhinga (69kb)
Anhinga (69kb) Anhinga (60kb) Anhinga (70kb) Bromeliaceae (100kb) Bromeliaceae (137kb)
Anhinga drying his feathers (153kb) Lots of Anhinga's (87kb) Alligator (134kb) Alligators (104kb) Anhinga (57kb)
Purple Gallinule (123kb) Everglades (112kb) Alligator (133kb) Gumbo Limbo tree (76kb) Gumbo Limbo tree (103kb)
Great Blue Heron (160kb) Green-backed heron (102kb) Little bird (107kb) Wood Stork (107kb) Red-bellied Turtle (128kb)
Strangler Fig's roots wrapped around a tree  (127kb) Bromeliaceae (105kb) Bromeliaceae (170kb) Everglades (142kb) Everglades (85kb)
Everglades (74kb) Composite algae called periphyton (185kb) This trail meanders through a jungle-like hammock of gumbo limbo trees, royal palms, ferns, and air plants (128kb) Gumbo Limbo trail (166kb) Bromeliaceae (103kb)
Tree at the Gumbo Limbo trail (129kb) Lots of Bromeliaceae (141kb) Gumbo Limbo trail (147kb) Palms (197kb) Bromeliaceae (82kb)
Beautiful flower  (39kb) Bromeliaceae (130kb) Nice plant (53kb) Bromeliaceae (113kb) Gumbo Limbo tree (89kb)
Strangler Fig (125kb) Strangler Fig (126kb) Everglades (55kb) Everglades (43kb) Everglades (44kb)
Our rental car in the Everglades (130kb) Everglades (88kb)